Issues 2018-11-01T13:34:12-07:00

Tax Relief

We have $2.3 billion in new tax revenue yet our car tabs and property taxes have skyrocketed. I will fight to lower taxes and make sure our government is accountable to the people.


Homelessness, Addiction & Mental Health

I will bring a new approach to homelessness, addiction and mental health. The more we spend to combat homelessness, the worse the problem has gotten. Now that we have lost $53 million in federal funding to Western State Hospital, we need institutional change more than ever. We must create a coordinated support strategy to give people a step up and out. I will support legislation that provides a holistic approach to improving lives.


Student Outcomes

A student’s zip code should not determine their quality of education. We must ensure all students are prepared for life when they leave school. Providing Career and Technical Education is one way to do this. I’m committed to school choice for parents and will support legislation which improves outcomes for all students.


Violent Offenders in Neighborhoods

As a mother of two school-age children, and a Lakewood resident of over 15 years, I don’t take comfort in hearing that this issue is complicated. A lawmaker’s job is to find a solution. I have listened to my neighbors in Lakewood, I have protested with them, and I will win this fight if they send me to Olympia. I have repeatedly called for a ban on the placement of violent offenders in adult family homes. My opponent, meanwhile, will not take a position.


Traffic & Transit

Fixing JBLM gridlock requires innovative traffic solutions. To do this, we need infrastructure and efficiency. My opponent voted against adding new lanes and overpasses to I-5. I will deliver on basic transportation needs while contributing new ideas to our long-term goals.


Supporting Those Who Serve

Like many, I found a home in Lakewood after my family was stationed here. We can do better to support those who serve our country and our community. While some serve in the military, others provide service at the VA or Western State Hospital. Our residents should have access to excellent schools, new job opportunities, and affordable housing at all income levels.



As member of a military family, I’ve lived all over this country. I found Washington to have the most beautiful and clean environment of any place I have ever lived. Now as a mother of two young children, I am very concerned with the environment they will grow up in. I’m concerned with the quality of the food we eat, air we breath and water we drink. I will always work to preserve our environment and I won’t let political grandstanding get in the way of good policy-making.


Carbon Tax

A “pollution fee” is not the way to preserve our environment. Whether it’s a carbon tax, pollution fee or another creative new tax term, another increase in gas prices punishes those who can afford it the least. Commuters, students, families, those with limited income; these are the kinds of people hurt by yet another gas tax. You cannot legislate people into changing behavior and this is not the way to preserve our beautiful state.